Easy Tips For Gambling Players Who Playing Online Casino

Easy Tips For Gambling Players Who Playing Online Casino

At first, gambling games such as Poker, Roulette, and Baccarat, could only be played at casinos. Such a game system is considered less profitable, because those who can visit casinos are generally only gambling players from the upper middle class.

Meanwhile, gambling players with little / minimal capital will not get the opportunity to play. Therefore, a gambling game system was created that can be played online. With this online game system, now all players can play gambling using computers and smartphones. Various types of online gambling games can be played through online casino agents who provide them.

Nowadays, online casino gambling agents are commonly found easily through various internet sites, such as social media and various discussion forums. In this case, you must find the right gambling agent as a medium to play and transact. The maxbet site is a gambling agent who dares to be responsible for all of your winnings, no matter how big. Once you find the right gambling agent, you can play calmly without any more burden.

In playing online casino gambling, what you usually rely on to get wins easily is just your good luck. However, there are several ways you can do to increase your chances of winning in playing online casino.

Easy Tips to Win in Playing Bets at Online Casino

Easy Tips to Win in Playing Bets at Online Casino

Before getting to the heart of this article, remember that these tips that Admin will provide will only help increase your chances of winning. So there is no guarantee that you always win at gambling, no matter what gambling game it is. All you can do is increase your chances of winning as much as possible. please immediately listen to the following Online Casino Winning Tips:

1. Play at a Trusted online casino agent.

This is the most important thing you do to get a better chance of winning when playing online casino. Everything you need to be able to play well and comfortably can only be provided by a trusted online casino agent. You can only get the best services and playing tips and the most attractive bonus promos from trusted online casino agents. With these various advantages, you can play comfortably so that your chances of winning will be even better.

2. Determining the Right Types of Games.

In an online casino, there are 2 types of online casino games that you can play. First, Live Casino Online with games of Roulette, Baccarat, Sic bo and Dragon tiger Online. Then the second is various types of slot machine games with different Jackpot values ​​for each game. In this case, you don’t need to play all types of online casino games. but you have to choose 1 or 2 games that you really want so that your focus doesn’t get divided by too much.

3. Determine the Correct Winning Target Point.

After finding the type of game that you think is right, all you have to do next is determine a winning target. The winning target is one of the best preparation points that you can determine in any gambling game. In making a winning target, you must adjust the time and capital you have to play. The right target for winning is not only a limit to your playing time, but can also be a target for your Withdrawals.
Those are some tips to increase your chances of winning in playing online casino gambling.

The third tip is indeed a bit out of line, but it still has something to do with your winning chance at playing online casino gambling. After playing until you reach the target and do the Withdraw, surely your enthusiasm will definitely be motivated to get an even bigger win. With a positive spirit, your chances of winning will definitely increase too.

Before covering this article, the admin will recommend Maxbet as one of the best and most trusted casino sites for you. As the best casino site, Maxbet provides 6 types of gambling games that you can play with only a minimum deposit of IDR 25,000. In essence, Maxbet is one of the best gambling sites with all the advantages you need to be able to play comfortably and safely.

5 Best Casino Gambling Providers Including Ion Casino

5 Best Casino Gambling Providers Including Ion Casino

The online casino gambling game that is so attractive to bettors is that it is not only the game that is fun and eliminates the player’s boredom. However, the provider that provides the game is also worth choosing because it provides a game that is different from the others. We highly recommend that you join ion casino, All bet, or several competitors which we will explain below:

1. Ion Casino Provider

Ion Casino Provider

Provider Ion casino is one provider that has a very suitable image display. Even on various devices such as smartphones based on Android or IOS.

These five best casino gambling providers make bettors comfortable when trying various online casino gambling games. That way you don’t need to worry when playing various games available at Ion casino provider easily and safely.

2. Provider AE Casino

AE Casino providers are known as providers that provide casino gambling games that are quite different from the others. That’s because this provider is known as sexy gaming where the game is accompanied by a beautiful and sexy dealer. So as to make the game even more exciting, it is played by the bettors who are actually male.

AE Casino, which stands for awesome entertainment, is so popular among bettors. So it’s not wrong if the best agent provider in Indonesia is embedded in the back of its name.

3. Provider N2 Live Casino

The N2 Live Casino provider is also included in the category as the best casino provider in Indonesia. It has been operating for 7 years to date and also has 5,000 employees working in Asia and East Europe. The more interesting this provider is because in playing it, the time, energy and money will be very efficient. Even the online gambling games available in it are gambling games that have been around for a long time. Where at that time there were no online gambling games like the gambling games played by bettors today.

4. Allbet Casino Provider

For the best casino gambling providers in Indonesia. So the Allbet casino provider is one of the other providers. Where is known as a provider whose game quality cannot be underestimated. Because this provider makes the games provided so best that they become one of the providers that are so liked by bettors.

The various types of casino gambling games available in it such as Baccarat, Roulette, Dragon Tiger and so on make it a provider to be reckoned with. Where the game has good game rules and is also easy for bettors to understand. So there is nothing wrong with trying various games available at the provider and don’t miss it.

5. Big Gaming Provider

Big Gaming Provider is one of the casino providers where the online gambling game it provides is the most prestigious game. Plus it has official permits so that bettors don’t have to worry and feel unsafe playing the various gambling provided.

Just like other casino gambling providers. Where Big Gaming also provides casino gambling games that are so interesting for you to play and also try to win.

Interested in Getting Additional Income Through Gambling?

Interested in Getting Additional Income Through Gambling

For some people who hear the word gambling, they always think of negative things and this is quite natural because in our country we prohibit gambling. However, it cannot be denied that gambling can also provide financial benefits. This is evidenced by the number of people who until now are still loyal to play it. The reason, of course, is because they managed to reap a pretty good profit through gambling. Do you think you are interested in getting additional income by playing gambling?

How to make gambling a source of additional income

It sounds quite interesting seeing how gambling can be used as a means of earning additional income. Even though playing this one game also has the risk of making the players suffer financial losses too. In fact, there are many incidents in the wider community where there is a gambler who goes bankrupt because he loses while betting. This case cannot be denied that it can be experienced by every gambling player, but if you know how to gamble properly then big losses like this can be avoided.

So the key is in yourself and if you play smart and don’t rely solely on lust or emotion then it is not impossible that you will even get profit. Therefore, for those who are curious to want to be able to earn additional income, but how to do it by gambling, if you need to listen to some of the information that we will share here. For more details, we just have to present the special information for you.

Play online gambling

For the first way, you can choose to play online gambling and as much as possible avoid playing through land dealers such as Depobola. The reason is because online gambling has much greater benefits, unlike gambling offline. Please check yourself on the gambling sites that all provide various interesting bonuses too. These bonuses do not exist in offline gambling besides that the jackpot value on online gambling sites is also much greater than that given by landlords. Not to mention that online gambling can be played at any time and is also safer so this is a plus in itself.

Choosing an easy gambling game

Given that what you are after here is victory, to increase your chances of winning the game, you can choose a gambling game that is considered easy enough. You must also remember that in the gambling game that you can play on betting sites, there are many kinds of choices. For those who are new to online gambling, it is very natural to feel curious and eager to try all of these games. But it would be nice to choose 1-2 easy games so that the results you get are maximal.

For some recommendations for online gambling games that are considered easy by bettors such as online soccer gambling, online poker gambling, online cockfighting, online casino gambling and domino gambling. Those are some games that are recommended because they are easy to play and you can win too. Don’t choose too many games because this only makes it difficult for you to focus, especially since each game has a different way of playing.

Collect bonuses

Furthermore, you can also collect bonuses that are distributed by the gambling sites that you use to play. As you know, the bonuses are quite diverse, including bonuses for new members. If you manage to collect these existing bonuses and then add them to the winning stakes, the results are pretty good. Especially if you succeed in winning a jackpot where the total jackpot bonus can reach millions to tens of millions.

Don’t Spend All Your Money

Furthermore, there is one important point that you must pay attention to, namely not to spend all the money you have. Because it’s the same as you can’t set aside money from playing online gambling as additional income. For that try to limit yourself and every day don’t forget to withdraw after playing. The money that you withdraw from your deposit balance is what becomes additional income from gambling.



Making money in the easy way is definitely something that everyone really wants. Because only by using alternatives such as Android which is equipped with the internet, everyone can play online gambling. To get real money from an online gambling agent, there are definitely a number of things that must be fulfilled by a playing guide to the tricks of every game you will play, from some of the richest people in the world some are gambling players whose wealth is obtained from the poker playing stage, such as Dan Bilzerian who have raised up to $ 110 Billion playing poker and as Poker Mania in tournaments such as the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event.

In addition, you can make money easily playing online gambling, but you must understand how to play the game you are going to play. The first example is when you are a hobby in playing football and make an alternative to making money then you can enter a trusted gambling agent and start learning about the existing play guides on their website. If you want to focus on the stage of playing gambling, then you have to always look at tricks and predictions on several gambling sites, such as soccer, then you do research starting from the player line up and also the last five games that have been carried out.

How to Get Money From Online Gambling Agents

Remember that the proportion of winning is very small, you do not increase the presentation of playing patterns and other gambling game tricks, don’t forget to look for a trusted online gambling agent so you don’t regret it in the end because there are also many fake agents today where players have won and want to withdraw funds In fact, in the end, you don’t increase the credit in the game, your user disappears because of the fraud from the dealer. There are various types of games that you can play to get money easily and practically, one of which is Sportsbook or online soccer gambling, Togel, Casino, Baccarat, Ceme, BandarQQ, Slot games, Roulette, Capsa and many more.

Regardless, it is now very easy for everyone to earn additional or additional money by only using a cellphone that is equipped with an internet network to be able to access the site. However, there are also important things that you must bear when playing online gambling, such as emotions that should not increase drastically when gambling because they only cause helplessness in the betting pair that is running. If you get a big enough win, immediately stop playing for a while so as not to provoke your appetite because that will make you no longer focus on the main goal of a player, namely the stage of getting money from gambling.

The Advantage Play Casino Online

The Advantage Play Casino Online

Maybe not many people are aware that betting in a real casino takes up so much money. They can wisely make decisions to play for their own benefit.

Luckily the technology is doing so well. To be precise, technology is developing so fast that it has changed the world of gambling. Where we can see if gambling is no longer done traditionally. Of course you see, casino games no longer need to be played in a place called a casino right? It no longer requires players to attend to each other to initiate bets in advance. Technology has represented them all and made them better.

The creation of an online casino makes it easier for bettors to reach their games. Unlike in the past, where the bettor had to play the game at a cost. In this online casino, the game runs more flexibly. Yes, it can be said, games are very comfortable on this online gambling site. Many have proven this, as evidenced by the increasing number of sites.

Here are the benefits you can get:

Here are the benefits you can get

A. The Chance to Get a Bonus Also Money

The advantage of playing at the first online casino is about bonuses as well as money. It is no longer a secret, if online gambling sites provide bonuses that are not small. We can see, from the very beginning of registration, the bettor has been given a bonus as a new member. Where this bonus can be used as additional playing capital for members. This also makes many bettors get excited about playing on online gambling sites. In real casinos you don’t find this kind of thing.

One of the things that bettors look for most when joining an online casino is about bonuses as well as money. This store is very close to the world of online gambling. Of course we know that casino games are very diverse. For example, baccarat, roullete, sicbo and others. When you are good at taking advantage and taking opportunities, of course this is very interesting. Where you can collect lots of bonuses as well as money from all betting games provided by the casino.

Please note that the advantages of playing at this online casino are very real. Where we can see, the prizes from casino games are also not fake. Yes, where the winning prize is so huge and possible to get it. If it is reliable, of course all bonuses can be used as additional money which will make the account fat. For that, take advantage of all opportunities properly!

B, More Exciting Playing Experience

One of the things that makes many bettors like online casinos is the gaming experience that members get. Yes, we know very well that in online casinos there are so many types of games that can be played. Through this, our playing experience can be even more enjoyable. We can enjoy more exciting games without having to go to the original casino and spend a lot of money.

You can feel the advantages of playing at this online casino. Guaranteed, you will feel the game like in a real casino. In fact, the experience of playing on this online gambling site is also much more exciting. You can hear the sound of cards being shared and can see who shared and wrote in the comments column.

C. New friends

When playing bets at online casinos, you also have the opportunity to make new friends too. Where you can use medical chat in this casino game. You can chat with other players in the room you are entering. Through this, it is clear that you will make new friends. As we already know, if in online gambling games, bettors come from various regions of the world. Guaranteed you will get a more than exciting playing experience.

Thus the discussion about the advantages of playing at an online casino in www.mabosway.win  that you will experience. Besides that, the time you spend playing is also more flexible. Where can you access this betting game at any time. So, you can play games according to your busy life. If it is loose and there are no activities, you can play bets freely. Unlike the original casinos which are not fully open 24 hours a day.

Things to Avoid in Playing Online Casino

Things to Avoid in Playing Online Casino

Enjoying the online casino gambling game that can bring great profit value, now of course it is not a strange thing for people in Indonesia. Where, indeed, not a few gamblers have managed to enjoy huge profits when playing it. That is why you are highly recommended to play it in order to get a very large profit value.

Victory is indeed everyone’s hope, and to succeed in getting it, of course there need to be various best ways that can help you to have a big chance of winning. Well, now there are also some players who have lost, so don’t be surprised if you are required to apply the best ways to win.

Avoid This If You Want To Win Playing Online Casino Gambling

Online Casino has indeed become one of the very profitable places, but we as gamblers of course have to know what to avoid so that there are no losses. So let you see what to avoid playing it, below:

  • Play With Emotion
    We know that in online casino games we must be able to correctly predict how bets can easily win. So, playing with emotions is one of the things you should avoid when playing. Because that’s what will cause you to experience big losses.
  • Not Taking Advantage of Existing Benefits
    Many gamblers only focus on the profits at the betting table, but there are actually a lot of profit values ​​that you can get. Well, you have made sure that you don’t do it when playing online casino gambling. Because nowadays there are many other benefits that you can indeed make like bonuses. To get a big bonus every week, you can join this most popular online casino agent.
  • Never Satisfied With Victory
    You who are not the center of the question of winning, of course, will result in defeat while playing. So for those of you who are playing online casino gambling, make sure you always prepare a winning target before playing. For the winning target, you can prepare according to the capital below the betting table. Because with the target you can find out when to stop playing.

Those are the things you have to avoid and a few tips for playing online casino from me, ready for taking action now? try your luck on  betberry.org. Hopefully this article review can be useful for all of you who want to get big profits while playing.

Our recommended site for you :

The History of Online Casino

The History of Online Casino From Time To TimeTalking about the online gambling world that is currently growing is very interesting. The reason is now more and more types of gambling games that can be accessed very easily and promise a lot of interesting benefits. For example, for the category of online casino that has a very diverse game for betting.

Well, for those of you who like to play online gambling, including in casinos, do you know the history of casino development from time to time? Maybe most bettor are good at playing but don’t really know about the development of this one game category. When in fact this one category of game experienced very rapid development until now.

Many types of casino games that can be accessed easily and promise quite large benefits. Even now there are also many bonus opportunities with the increasing number of casino gambling agent sites that can be accessed very easily. Now each agent offers very promising promos and offers at all for bettors who make online bets.

An Overview of the History of Casino Online Development From Time to Time

Regarding the history of the development of an online gambling game it is very interesting to observe. This is because casino is one of the gambling games category which has developed very rapidly until now. This is indicated by the increasing number of online casino agent sites that can be accessed very easily and provide great profit offers.

Let us briefly discuss the important points of the development of the world of gambling, especially in the category of casino games. Here is a glimpse of the important points the development of the best online casino gambling!

Online casino for the first time was formed around 1997. In that year there were very few casinos but they continued to develop so quickly that they began to enter Indonesia.

During its development, there was a player who came from Finland with the highest jackpot bonus in just 30 minutes, amounting to 261 billion.
The development of online casinos around the world is very fantastic, even in Indonesia alone has reached tens of thousands and even millions of players who play online casino games.

In the history of its development online casinos are dominated by players with an average age of over 30 years and each player spends up to 5 hours per day.


Along with the development of the gambling world from time to time, online casinos also continue to grow and more and more bettor are playing. Even now casino gambling agent sites are also very mushrooming and make it easy for the bettor in betting.

The development of the world of gambling, especially in terms of online casinos is somewhat extraordinary. In this case the development of the casino is a development that is very unusual marked by more and more bettor who wrestle this game.

Even now many bettor who prefer online casino when compared with other games on the grounds that casino games are more varied and do not require a long time to do betting. Even the advantages of betting are also very promising and very lucrative. This is what currently underlies the reason for bettor doing betting in online casino.

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Online Casino – The New Age Rage

Online Casino - The New Age Rage

Online Casino is that the latest craze among the new breed of gamblers as paucity of your time has rendered them with limited mobility. No wonder it’s spreading like wild fire thanks to its convenience and straightforward accessibility from anywhere without actually having to go to a true casino.

The thrill is enough to pump up the adrenalin once you acquire an enormous monitor along side high speed connectivity. This virtual world of gambling is not any but a true Las Vegas Casino which is testified by its ever increasing loyalists. a web Casino is being rated supported payout percentage bonus, user friendliness, welcome bonus, casino support, etc.

Of course, the fun element can’t be overlooked. they are available with all the trimmings of a true casino and leave no room for the gamer to lament for love or money . it is a vast online industry and more and more gamblers are seeking solace in it.

Introduced within the 90s, you’ll go online to the web casinos and play from the comfortable confines of your home. sorts of Online Casino Games Online casinos like Biber Casino have a spread of games starting from Poker, Black Jack, Roulette, Slots, Pai Gow, and Baccarat that are very easy to navigate even for the uninitiated provided you’ve got the proper tools.

Once you’re into it, likelihood is that you’ll remain glued to your seat for hours on end. Poker: Though poker is played at many homes, online poker is sort of different with a group of rules and regulations of its own. However, it shouldn’t deter one from playing because once you get familiar it’s all child’s play.

Its many variants are Jacks, Deuces Wild, Aces and Eights, Tens, Jokers Wild, Aces, Faces, etc. Black Jack: it’s considered the foremost early and widely played version of online casino games.

You create an account on a really reliable casino portal and easily follow the principles . Roulette: Roulette is usually considered the foremost interesting online casino game with even those uninterested vouching for it. The payoffs are quite intriguing for one to resist.

It is almost like that of the important Roulette game with the wheel comprising of 37 to 38 packs and has numerical sections from 1 to 38. Then a bet is laid on any number which you anticipate the ball to land. Slots: Another most exhilarating of online casino games that are available reel formats of three and 5.

Find yourself an appropriate site, buy the coins, and insert them to the slots machine. the most objective of a slots game is to realize the winning signs for a selected reel on the slots machine. Baccarat: it’s pronounced as “bah-ca-rah” and is considered the foremost wanted game in online casino domain owing its allegiance to the glam factor related to it.

Easy to master and really interesting people fancy it with gay abandon. the sport is played by using 8 decks of cards, which are reshuffled after each hand. The player strives to guess during which of the 2 hands (player or banker) will contain some extent closest to number 9.

In case you are looking for trusted online casino website then you may try to visit this web, depoxito.com.

Craps: it’s considered to be the fastest among the web casino games where one throw of the dice can earn the player tons of cash . So, what are you expecting , register on a well-liked site like Biber Casino and obtain started. enthusiastic Guys! And happy gambling!

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5 Ways And Tips To Win Sic Bo Online

5 Ways And Tips To Win Sic Bo Online

For bettor friends who like to play dice surely you already know the type of game Sicbo Dice or what is usually called Sicbo Dice, there must be many of you who often lose not when playing this game. Now, for bettor friends, especially the dice gambling lovers, we will share secret tricks and tips that will surely help you to win back your defeat and achieve the maximum victory.

Sicbo is indeed a traditional game that has existed since ancient times and in this era sicbo is the most popular game for young people to adults of course this is inseparable from the multiplication of very large prizes and very tempting for those of us who play in this sicbo game.


The first thing before we make a bet that we must pay attention to is to read the flow of the game first in the history section of the dice out maybe you think this is not very important but this is the important point where when you have seen the history of the dice that has ever come out you will get a picture of betting what you have to install.


Start your game by placing 50:50 bets such as Big or Small and Even or Odd because when you place this type of bet the risk of losing and loss is smaller than when you place the bet type dice bet or guess the total number of dice. Look for as much capital as possible in this bet type if you have enough capital you can combine it with other types of bets.


Avoid this type of betting type TRIPLE because the exit rate of TRIPLE dice is very small if we can make a comparison it can be said to be only 1:10 so therefore place a bet type that gives a greater likelihood or probability of exit than the possibility or probability of exit is very small.


When you bet Rp.300,000 on big bets. In the next bet you can raise your bet value to 2x times from the previous amount of Rp.800,000 if you still come out small you can fold it to Rp.2,000,000 then when folding all 3 bets you win then you will get a profit of Rp.4,000. 000 – Rp.800,000 – Rp.300,000 (Previous Defeat) = Rp.2,900,000 (Total Profit that we got)


When you play, put your doubts on the bet you chose because when you play with doubt you will most likely not guess what you really want to place and will definitely miss the results that will come out. Always believe in yourself because your beliefs are the key to true victory.

Well, of course these tips and tricks can you use when you play later and if you have your own tricks and tips you can combine them with your tricks and tips. That way we hope that this article can really help you to take your losing money back and win a big win on the SICBO online. Hopefully Helpful and Thank You For Reading!

How To Win Baccarat At Online Casino

How To Win Baccarat At Online Casino

You don’t need to be rich to play baccarat and you certainly don’t need a tuxedo or night during playback. Baccarat had come out of the fancy table and gone to the casino.

You can play for a very reasonable amount of online casinos and if you go to casino land there are usually a number of mini baccarat tables to choose from. You don’t need to lose all those rich orangutans, so you are very rich. However, you must learn to change the name of the game correctly or return it forever to a place that does not support it.

This game is not pronounced “back-to-mouse.” No, that’s clearly “bah-ha-rah”. Do you play a “back-to-mouse” Just play a game behind the New York City hall where everyone wrongly enjoys everything.

Therefore, this is the best way to play a match, seven in a match is positive and let go for something to avoid. I’ll get the first one.

#1 Never Bet “Tie”

Never Bet Tie

Baccarat has a fringe of poor households in two of the three groups; Many percent are bankers, players and ties. The bankers came with a house edge of 1.06 percent. The number of players rose 1.24 percent. I expect to lose 1.06 units per 100 units at stake on the banker and 1.24 units per 100 units in playing on the player.

Now is a good house edge in planning things from casinos.

And now lack of bets, Lazos. I bet in (women and men hold their breath) with a house edge of around 14.4 percent. Yes, no kidding, BIG 14.4 percent. Gosh! That means you lose 14.4 units per 100 units at stake.

This bet is really a waste of money and can only be played by playing back to the mice in the gang.

#2 Banker Is Clearly The Best Bet

Banker Is Clearly The Best Bet

Enter the baccarat table directly and will make your first bet. You must be in banking betting. bankers will get less than 50 percent of the time. In order not to give players a win, each win has a commission of 5 percent.

You can also go to the bench.

#3 Keep Going With Banker Till Losses

We are trying to take advantage of scratches and betting will have a (slightly) better chance than zero is a banker. If you find that the bankers make your first bet, then continue betting.

Note, ever, that the streak does not have a continuing indication (ie, not too aggressive with the amount you want). They still win the edge on every bet you make and you cannot bet on exiting the edge like that.

#4 Wait One Decision After A Banker Loss

Wait One Decision After A Banker Loss

Therefore, you end up losing the banker who bet. Player wins. Don’t jump to other events. Wait for the next decision. The loss of this decision is what is lost. It is hoped that if the loop is a decision, the banker or player will not be lost. (That is why it is called a tie).

#5 Mini Baccarat Can Be Dangerous !

the traditional baccarat version (which means a tall wheelchair), where the player actually holds the card, is a casual game; You can play 40 decisions per hour. But there are flies in ointment baccarat. Flying is a mini version of the baccarat game.

There are two main differences between traditional baccarat and mini baccarat. The first and most obvious is the game agent, not the player. The second is the fact that the game is fast, very fast, because some distributors get between 150-200 decisions! Yes, it is fast.

If you go to a mini baccarat, then you have to use a banker to bet on a certain system. Yes Bankers bet you lose. After waiting until the player disappears and returns to the banker to bet. Overall it can reduce by half (or less) the number of decisions you face. Secretly also reduce half (or less) of your lost hope.

#6 Tie Bets Dont Count

In Baccarat playing styles that are all strengths, they are not visible from approved loops — they are not counted; just a pause in action. If the order of bankers, bankers, ties, is treated nothing happens. Because it will continue to bet on the banker.

#7 Ride The Player Bet Until Loses

Here I will throw a curveball. When a player loses a banker, he does not wait for the next decision. Soon it will reach the bankers. Hoping, a compilation of bankers is betting to win soon. Now, if the bankers are absent, follow number 4! We are always looking for graffiti bankers.

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